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Our mission at Little Buckeye Children’s Museum is:

“To provide children and families opportunities to learn and discover through the power of play.”

By providing a safe and developmentally-stimulating place to play, Little Buckeye helps children and families to connect, express themselves and explore the world around them. Studies have shown that play is critical in the healthy development of children. Play helps children to grow and enhance their creative problem-solving abilities, social skills, motor skills and so much more!


APA: “Play is Fundamentally Important”

American Academy of Pediatrics shares new research, warns against lack of recess and rise in screen-time.

New article from American Academy of Pediatrics:

“Want Creative, Curious, Healthier Children with 21st Century Skills? Let Them Play”

For years, Little Buckeye has been a proponent of open-ended, self-directed play. It’s why we do what we do! It’s in our mission statement, and it’s in our philosophy for exhibit design. 
Children need play for proper development. It’s plain and simple.
In their new article, the American Academy of Pediatrics says that new research shows play is an “important buffer of toxic stress” and “cannot be overemphasized” in terms of importance to healthy child development. They wisely advise parents to encourage their child’s natural urge to play over external learning motivations like test scores. But in this day and age, “children’s playtime has been threatened by societal changes.” The AAP recommends doctors “write a prescription for play,” if we want to our kids grow up to be creative, innovative, collaborative individuals.
And that’s why we say: LET THEM PLAY!

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