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Beach Door Decorations

As a Resident Assistant (RA) in college, one task is creating door decorations for your residents. To some, this task seems daunting and often people would rather do anything else. But to me, paper is my medium of choice. I wanted to make mine attractive, colorful, and inviting for my residents. I chose a beach for this theme as most of us are not ready to let go of summer going into the semester.

You at home can do the same! Wouldn’t your child want a sail boat or seahorse on their door? Especially one they made themselves? Of course!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Colored/patterned construction paper (Whatever colors your little one desires. Don’t be afraid to get creative!)
  • Safety scissors
  • Glue stick (Less messy than liquid and dries faster!)

Here’s how to make it:

  • Find a pattern you like online. There are dozens to choose from! (Like the ones shown below!) 
  • Next, print the pattern and help your child trace it to their choice of construction paper.
  • Help your child cut out their design.
  • Have you or your child write their name on another piece of paper.
  • Optional: make a border for your design and name tag.
  • Help your child glue all parts together leaving the name tag for last. Glue name tag where your child would like on their design.
  • Lastly, place where you like! Door, wall, anywhere. Just use paint friendly tape. (Regular Scotch tape works well. As an RA, preserving the paint on the wall is a part of the job description).

Thank you for reading!

Natalie Tasseff, Museum Associate