Little Buckeye Children's Museum

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Second Floor Exhibits

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum Exhibits

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum celebrates self-directed play through creative, open-ended learning environments that engage kids and adults, spark imagination, and promote discovery.

Second Floor Exhibits:

Little McDonald’s:

What’s a child’s favorite meal? A Happy Meal of course! Our Little McDonald’s allows your child to serve hamburgers, fries, McFlurries, and more!


Looking for something that will challenge all ages? Become fascinated by our Gravitron! The goal is to get a ping-pong ball from its starting place to one of six destination bins.  Can you do it?

Three Little Bear’s House:

Based from the classic tale of Goldilocks, watch as the story comes to life in our bear’s house.  Children will spend hours having fun cooking in the little kitchen or having a picnic on the grass!

Auto Shop:

For all the little mechanics out there, our auto shop is perfect! Pretend to drive in an actual card, with working lights, turn signals, and gear shift! Next, look under the hood to see how the engine of a car works!


It’s back to school! Well, back to the 1800s. Let your child be the teacher for the day! Our schoolhouse has a classic rustic setting and old style desks that take you back to the days of the one room schoolhouse.

Deconstruction Zone:

Has your child ever wondered how the inside of their computers work? Now they can! Take apart hard drives, printers, and more in our deconstruction zone! Ages 7 and up, adult supervision required.

Dentist’s Chair:

Open wide! Parents, lay back and let your child play the dentist in our dentist’s chair!

Art and Picture Wall:

Say, “Cheese!”  Want a memory that will last a lifetime?  Snap a picture in one of our picture frames to have the perfect addition to your scrapbook!

Insect Room:

Learn about the creepy crawlies high above or down below! Your child will enjoy seeing our crickets, learning how bugs see, and more!

Optimization Room:

Three words: Life-sized Legos. Welcome to the Blue Optimist Room where your child will go crazy building forts and creations of all shapes and sizes!

Little Airport:

Look! What’s up in the sky?  It’s our little airplane!  Strap in and suite up as your and your child will enjoy being the co-pilots of our little airplane!

Train Room:

Your little conductors will love watching our trains race around the track! With authentic noises and landscapes, you’ll feel like you’re right at the station!