Little Buckeye Children's Museum

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First Floor Exhibits

Little Buckeye Children’s Museum Exhibits

The Little Buckeye Children’s Museum celebrates self-directed play through creative, open-ended learning environments that engage kids and adults, spark imagination, and promote discovery.

First Floor Exhibits:

Adena Construction:

Do your little ones love to build?  Then they’ll love to visit the construction exhibit donated by Adena!

Lego Tables:

For all the little builders out there, have fun at our Lego tables! With a variety of sets from pink cars to fire trucks, there is something for everyone to create!

2 and Under:

Bringing your little ones to our museum who are not quite ready for the big kid exhibits? We have the place for you! Our 2 and under exhibit has baby friendly toys that are just their size!

Dino Dig:

ROAR! Let your child explore as a paleontologist in our dino dig exhibit! Watch as they’ll uncover bones from ancient creatures!

Musical Tubes:

Children will love creating their own tune on our colorful musical pipes! With so many songs to play, the fun never ends!

Tree House:

Rainy day? Can’t go outside? No problem! Come play on our tree house! Complete with a slide, rock wall, and underground tunnel!

Doctor’s Office:

For all the aspiring doctor’s to be, the doctor’s office is the perfect place! Take x-rays, preform check-ups and much more!

Little Market:

Our Little Market has wide variety of your child’s favorite snacks such as Goldfish and Fruit Loops complete with their own shopping carts! They’ll love shopping for their favorite items or even check out the shoppers themselves!

Post Office:

Mail’s here! Your child will enjoy delivering mail to our mailboxes placed throughout the museum.

Beauty Salon:

Take a seat in our stylist chair! Your little stylist will love designing your hair or their friends!

Little Bank:

Ever received a loan in colorful cash? Every child can have fun and use their imagination learning about the bank!

Science Lab:

Want to learn about the power of magnets? Or how the magic of our shakers separates two different colors? Let your little one explore as a scientists in our science lab!

Water Table:

What child doesn’t love splashing around in water? Your little sailor can keep their boat a float in our water table or construct pipes using our fountains! With so many ways to create, it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular exhibits!

Vet’s Office:

Uh Oh! Did Mittens hurt her paw? Fix her right up at the vet’s office! Your little vet will adore healing our many “stuffed” animals from cats to tigers!

Little Ren:

At Little Buckeye, every kid is a star! Watch them shine on our Little Ren stage! Your child can perform on the stage or work the sound and light board behind the scenes!


Does your child love the outdoors and helping Mom and Dad do the gardening? They will love planting our many flowers and playing with our tractors!